All About Buying
and Selling a Home

Real estate is the largest financial investment for most of us. Buying or selling this investment can be an emotionally charged, complex experience. Our goal is to guide you through this experience, minimize the stress and achieve the best possible outcome. We achieve that by coaching our clients, buyers and sellers, through the following process:

1. Entering the Real Estate Market with Confidence

For Sellers:
The real estate market is constantly changing under the influence of many factors. We will expertly devise a marketing strategy that will posture your property to compete well and will attract the strongest, most motivated buyers.

Our marketing strategy includes the use of internet-based social media and printed publications that target motivated buyers. Also, we will skillfully promote your property into the sales networks that only experienced, real estate professionals have access to and know how to use. Our network connections are nationwide and highly effective. For some cases, we will extend our reach into international markets too.

For Buyers:
In any market, a well-prepared strategy is essential to find and purchase your next home or real estate investment. We will help you build a winning strategy that will clarify your vision and hone your focus. We will expose you to tools that use the best available technology for property searches and our associates will help you prepare a solid financial plan. With our help you will learn of available properties more quickly than most buyers. We will help you prepare and execute a purchasing offer, wisely and decisively.

2. Professional Negotiations

Professional real estate agents are bound to a code of ethics. That is something we take very seriously when representing our clients. Whether you are a buyer or seller, our entire focus is to protect and secure your best interest from start to finish. You will find the process we follow for negotiations are ethical, well organized, well communicated and skillfully executed.

3. Manage the Escrow Process

It would seem the marketing and sales part of our job is the most challenging. But, in many ways we do the most work for our clients once the purchase or sale of real estate enters escrow. Our expertise at managing the complicated escrow process comes from years of experience and a solid foundation of professional relationships that we have built over time.

4. Celebrate a Win-Win Closing

In the world of real estate sales, one of the most coveted comments is “your deal is closed”. Our best efforts are focused on achieving that moment for our clients with the deep satisfaction of a win-win experience for all parties involved.